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Puppet Video Bundle – All 91 Videos, Book 1 Bundle, Tiles and Staves Bundle, and Dorian and Miss Bell Finger Puppets, plus Free Delivery

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One year’s online access to all 3 parts of “Dorian and Miss Bell: Piano Lessons in the Forest”, sold a significant discount. Sixteen and a half hours of video for children of age 3 onwards.

Included in this bundle:

  1. Puppet Video Piano Lessons:1 to 91
  2. Dogs and Birds Book 1 (Animal Notes Edition)
  3. Dogs and Birds Book 1 (Blank Notes Edition)
  4. Small Animal Tiles
  5. Coloured Staves
  6. Dorian and Miss Bell Finger Puppets

Stream Puppet Video Piano Lessons instantly following purchase.

Including FREE tracked shipping of books and accessories.

  • By watching each short video lesson many times your child will automatically pick up the singing, playing, tapping etc. activities from their animal friends, who will highly motivate them.
  • Dorian, the Dog puppet, and Miss Bell, the Bird puppet, shows you the approach to learning each musical element and, in a short insert, children demonstrate to you the final result of each lesson.
  • These video lessons help parents and teachers to organize a learning path for the child as they work together on this musical adventure. No previous knowledge of music is required from the parent.
  • Games and toys are most important in a child’s life, and by using the finger puppets children will be more relaxed and imaginative during their practice.
  • Children will experience the pleasure of making music and day by day you will be delighted to see their concentration span increasing rapidly.