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  • Romantic Sketches Book 1

    Romantic Sketches Book 1

    The solos in Romantic Sketches, Book 1 by Martha Mier, will delight pianists who favour the Romantic style. Playing with musical expression is an important skill used in making music and is much more than just playing the notes on the printed page. Music...

  • Romantic Sketches Book 2

    Romantic Sketches Book 2

    These short, musical sketches written in a Romantic style by famed composer Martha Mier will encourage students to play with nuance and sensitivity. Titles: Elegant Waltz * Elizabeth's Ballad * An Evening in Paris * Graceful Ballet * Interlude * The...

  • Musical Snapshots Book 2

    Musical Snapshots Book 2

    With these nine intermediate-level solos, students can travel around the world with popular composer Martha Mier. This book is a musical tour guide to sites in Japan, Egypt, Hawaii, France, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. A highlight of the book...

  • So You Want To Learn To Improvise?

    So You Want To Learn To Improvise?

    Tracing the steps taken by the author, Andrew Higgins, on his musical journey, “So You Want To Learn To Improvise?” offers teachers and students a step-by-step guide to acquiring the skills needed to improvise at the piano. The book is...

4 of 4 Items