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Reviews and Articles

Dogs & Birds Unique Piano Teaching Method

Music Teacher Review - November 2018

“Dogs and Birds is a method of teaching very young children the piano. It uses animals to help them read music, and is very much rooted in the Kodály approach; emphasising singing as a vital part of learning any instrument.” read more …

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EPTA Journal Review - May 2012

“The Dogs and Birds books are designed for teaching young children from as early as the age of three. They take a Kodály approach with ear-training and singing being an integral part of the class.” read more …

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Music Teacher Review – December 2011

“This beautiful colour-illustrated spiral-bound book with 23 simple piano arrangements would be a valuable addition to any young pianist’s music bag. “ read more …

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Incorporated Society of Musicians Music Journal Report – October 2009

"As a piano teacher Elza was concerned that her youngest students were struggling to progress with the piano using conventional approaches and..." read more....

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Music Manifesto Resource Review – March 2008

"I've spent seven weeks using the Dogs and Birds materials with several young piano students aged from four to six years old." read more....

Music Teacher Review - September 2007

"It is a real treat to discover a new and imaginative approach to teaching the piano which really works and is completely accessible and user-friendly." read more...

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International Piano Review - July/August 2007

"This fascinating set of materials from Elza and Chris Lusher is based on the principles of Kodály teaching, enabling very young children to start their musical education before they can read notated music or understand the alphabet." read more...

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Piano Magazine Review - March/April 2007

"The Lushers’ Dogs and Birds books are for the very young beginner ..." read more...

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Piano Professional Article - September 2006

If you have ever had to teach the piano to very young children you will know that in general progress is slow using conventional techniques." read more...

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ABC Editorial - Summer Issue 2007

"Learning to play the keyboard can benefit your child in more ways than you ever imagined." read more...

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Families Thames Valley Article - November/December 2006

"A local piano teacher has developed a novel method to help young children learn how to play the piano and read music." read more...

Staines Guardian Article - Thursday 23 November 2006

"Dogs and Birds is a new approach to teaching piano and was started by an Egham woman who found that by using animal names, like ‘dog’ for the D note and ‘bird’ for B, children can more easily read music." read more...

Staines and Egham News Article - Wednesday 15 November 2006

"A piano teacher clairns her teaching method can put her youngest pupils on a musical high note." read more...

Staines and Egham News Review - Wenesday 19 September 2007

"Children as young as four are learning the piano at Shortwood Infants School in Staines thanks to a pioneering new teaching method." read more...