Online Dogs and Birds Lessons Available. Contact [email protected] for more information


We hold regular online courses on Zoom for piano and music teachers on the Dogs and Birds approach. Each course is given by Elza and Chris Lusher (creators of the method), is for around five participants and is adapted to the attendees’ needs. Due to the online nature of these sessions they are also be made available to participants outside the UK. Please email us at [email protected] to register your interest. We can then plan the sessions. Sessions are normally held on Saturdays, but other days are possible by arrangement. The next course will be held at the beginning of 2022. The precise date is still to be fixed.

Usually courses start at 12:45 pm GMT and last for 5 hours, including three 15 minute breaks. There is an hour long introductory session sometime during the preceding week. The cost is £70 per participant (which includes the preliminary session). There is an early bird deadline two weeks before the date of the main session. If payment is made by then the cost is £60 per participant.

During the course we will give key suggestions on how to incorporate the basic elements of the Dogs and Birds approach at the start of Book 1 and to build on them as you work through the Nursery Rhyme Book and Book 2 to offer a seamless transition to using conventional music. It will cover note recognition, finger positions, and the use of rhythm exercises to help with an easy progression, both for face to face and online lessons. We will use videos from past courses and more recent videos of Elza’s students, from her online teaching, to demonstrate the approach.

We will also give you some as yet unpublished reading exercises which make the change from Dogs and Birds to conventional music even easier.

Attendees will get an extra 10% discount on top of the usual educational discount for their first order following the course.

Feedback from teachers who attended earlier Zoom Courses:

I would say that anyone wishing to teach using “Dogs and Birds” should attend the course if they want a real insight into the method. G. E

It was a great course packed with tons of fantastic tips and information, and a thorough explanation of how you can best teach Dogs and Birds … It just makes learning so effortless and so much fun, and nurtures full-rounded musicianship and a love of piano playing without the children even realising they are soaking it all in and just enjoying themselves. Vici Hoban Read (Jiggle & Jam)

As I’d been teaching the method for a number of years, I was reasonably happy with the way I was doing things.  However, I found I was missing out some really good activities within it which I then looked forward to implementing afterwards. Sarah Leong

Very many thanks for such an enjoyable training dayThank you also for the sight-reading attachment which looks excellent. Pippa Harrison

Thank you so much Elza and Chris for the online Dogs and Birds course … I have so many additional ideas now, to further improve my teaching through the Dogs and Birds approach. Lynne Davis

The course has transformed my teaching of the Dogs and Birds method … there were so many tips and tricks included that got me so excited … I've since implemented lots of these methods into existing and new students' lessons … the students are building great foundations, and most importantly they are having SO much fun! I already loved the Dogs and Birds method but doing the course has brought my teaching of it up another level. Lucy Porter (Redditch Music School)