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Staines Guardian Report 23 November 2006

Dogs and Birds Teach Kids Music

Parents eager to turn their children into little Chopins now have the help of ani­mals to teach their toddlers simple key­boarding skills.

Dogs and Birds is a new approach to teaching piano and was started by an Egham woman who found that by using animal names, like ‘dog’ for the D note and ‘bird’ for B, children can more easily read music.

EIza Lusher, who teaches piano private­ly and as a lecturer at the International School (ACS) in Egham, is originally from Hungary.

The method she uses to teach young children piano skills is adapted from the Kodály approach, which all Hungarian music teaching is based on.

Mrs Lusher said: “There’s a lot of singing involved, which immediately helps the child hone their ear for the dif­ferent notes. Also learning can he made more enjoyable by using toy animals to help visualise the notes.”

She was trained as a piano teacher at the Liszt Academy in Hungary and has been teaching the piano for over twenty years now, first in Hungary and since 1993 in England.

Together with her husband Chris Lusher a Senior Lecturer in Physics at Royal Holloway University of London, and il­lustrator Liz Patton, Mrs Lusher has cre­ated a system of teaching and books. Visit to view sample pages of the books.