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Puppet Video Piano Lessons: 31 to 60

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Puppet Video Piano Lessons: 31 to 60

One year’s online access to Part II* of “Dorian and Miss Bell: Piano Lessons in the Forest”. Five and a half hours of video for children of age 3 onwards, to be used in parallel with Dogs and Birds Book 1**.

• By watching each short video lesson many times your child will automatically pick up the singing, playing, tapping etc. activities from their animal friends, who will highly motivate them.
• Dorian, the Dog puppet, and Miss Bell, the Bird puppet, shows you the approach to learning each musical element and, in a short insert, children demonstrate to you the final result of each lesson.
• These video lessons help parents and teachers to organize a learning path for the child as they work together on this musical adventure. No previous knowledge of music is required from the parent.
• Games and toys are most important in a child’s life, and by using the finger puppets children will be more relaxed and imaginative during their practice.
• Children will experience the pleasure of making music and day by day you will be delighted to see their concentration span increasing rapidly.

* Follows on from Part I. Parts I and III are available separately or sold together with part II at a discount price.
** For best results it is suggested to use this course with the Dogs and Birds Book 1 Bundle, the Tiles and Staves Bundle, and the Dorian and Miss Bell Finger Puppets (all sold separately, or sold together with the full 91 lessons in the Puppet Video Bundle).